Learn about the features of It’s Me 247

What can I do with It’s Me 247?

It’s Me 247 Online Banking allows you to bank online, when and how you want. Its online banking made with you in mind.

Online Banking Features

  • Apply for a loan
  • Check balances
  • View the date and amount of their transactions, including deposits, withdrawals and transfers
  • Verify certain checks have cleared (only if enrolled in eStatements)
  • Read a message from the credit union
  • Stop payment on a check
  • View eStatements
  • Pay bills online
  • View images of canceled checks
  • Transfer funds between accounts, enter text that describes a transaction at the time of the transfer
  • Make loan payments from funds in their account
  • Set up or change automatic transfers
  • Withdraw funds in the form of a check
  • Request that a credit union employee contact them
  • Set up eAlerts
  • Print loan coupons
  • View dividend details on open and closed accounts
  • Sign up to receive eNotices
  • Adjust how paycheck and other electronic deposits are handled
  • Download transaction information to a Comma Delimited File (.CSV)
  • Review loan payoff amounts/due dates
  • Check current loan/savings/certificate rates
  • Initiate opening of additional savings accounts
  • Create a username, change password and security questions, receive reminders to change password
  • Choose personal preferences, ex. background color, photo album, and starting page.
  • View annual dividends and interest info
  • Assign nicknames to their accounts
  • View pending ACH transactions
  • Get educated on password strength
  • View amount applied to interest and principal in a loan payment

First time logging into It’s Me 247?

Don’t feel overwhelmed! The first step is to get your new account up and running with these simple steps:

First-Time Login Instructions

  1. Type in your default username (your Member Account Number) and click Login. 
  2. Type in your default password (the last four digits of the Primary Accountholder’s Social Security number) and click Continue. 
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions of Use (scroll to the bottom to accept). 
  4. Type the same default password (from step two) in the Current Password field. 
  5. Create a new secure password and type it into each New Password field. 
  6. Click Change My Password to save it. 
  7. Create a new personal username (maximum of 21 characters). 
  8. Click Change My Username to save it. 
  9. Type in the answers to three unique security questions (not case sensitive). 
  10. Click Save My Questions, and you’re done!

Note: The username and password you create during your first-time login will also be used to log in to mobile banking.

Let your fingers do the talking!

With Text Banking, you can send commands to receive text replies regarding the balance of your savings, checking, and loans! In addition, you can enroll in e-Alerts and receive notices regarding account balances, electronic deposits, withdrawals or when a payment is due.

How To Enroll in Text Banking

  1. Log in to It’s Me 247 at
  2. Click the Go Mobile button on the toolbar.
  3. Select Text Banking Home.
  4. Follow the prompts to enroll.

After enrollment, text commands to IM247 (46247).

Note: A list of text banking commands will be provided to you during the enrollment process. Your mobile carrier’s standard text messaging fees will apply.

Our Office

2020 Ashcraft Ave
Monroe, NC 28110


Get in Touch

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